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Please help don't know what to do about my car?

i have a 1998 Cadillac seville sls. the breaks have been squeaking and last week the car said engine oil level low. the car also said at that point that the engine oil life was at 23% today when i took the car in to a Midas it said 17% oil engine life. so they charged me 300 dollars on the receipt it says they did an oil change, replaced the air filter, changed brake pads, fuel induction service, and a brake flush. the second i drove off the parking lot my service engine light came on! this light has never came on since i have owned the car! and my engine oil life now says 16% which is lower than when i took it in! did they do something to my car at all? i don't know anything about cars im pregnant and my husband is nowhere around please tell me what to say or how to prove that they messed up.Please help don't know what to do about my car?Your premonition may be correct, they may not have done all the listed items. The second you drive your car from a shop and something doesn't seem right, drive it right back there and make them fix it or talk to their regional manager right away.

My wife is pregnant too and she relys on me for these things. I'm sorry you had to deal with this. Take a male friend who knows cars into the shop there and help you out. Good luck and hope it gets resolved.Please help don't know what to do about my car?they probly didnt reset oil life. check engine could be alot of thing.take it back.Please help don't know what to do about my car?You have to manually reset the service oil light. On many GMs, you turn the key to on (engine off), then floor the gas three times. That resets the oil reminder. A lot of mechanics just forget to reset it (or don't know how for every car).

As for the check engine light, tell them it came on as soon as you drove off the lot. Ask if they could just read the codes. A good manager would scan the codes for free. (All it takes is plugging in the reader and reading the codes.) It may or may not have anything to do with what they did.

I don't know if they messed up, but if I were to bet, I'd bet that they really did all they said they did.Please help don't know what to do about my car?Did they call you before they did all the work? They have to call you before they do anything ...service light could be something thing else it could happen any time....oil 16% that doesn't make sen should be 95% because you just got it change you should ask them ...why is 16% good luckPlease help don't know what to do about my car?Take it back to the same place and ask them,,,What the heyyy! They should be able to fix it or answer your questions.Please help don't know what to do about my car?Since modern vehicles have become increasingly complex over the years, the reason for a check engine light can also be quite complex. You should take the car to a name brand auto parts store and tell the person behind the counter that you want to have the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) code read for your car. Most of the larger chains will do this for free. Since your vehicle is a 1998, it most likely requires an OBD-II code scanner, but this should be irrelevant to anybody behind the counter. Once you know which code the check engine light has issued, you should be able to take the vehicle to an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified shop, and have the vehicle repaired properly. Note, that an ASE certified technician will run the code check as well, but it never hurts to know exactly what is wrong with the vehicle yourself before taking it any place to be repaired.

You will see this symbol on any automotive center that has received ASE certification:

I hope this helps, and good luck.Please help don't know what to do about my car?on that car you should have a reset button. every time you change the oil you have to set the reminder.

Small claims. How good are my chances of winning?

My parents bought me a car for my 16th birthday. They never put it in my name or anything, but insisted I pay for everything because, after all, it is MY car. So I gladly paid for tires,brakes,oil changes,and air filter changes. Last year the transmission started going out(reverse doesn't work, but all other gears do) They insisted I take it to my cousins repair shop to be fixed. My cousin told me it would be $750.00 to get it repaired and he needed the money up front so he could buy a tranny. I gave him all the money like he wanted and he NEVER fixed it. Recently I moved out and moved in with my boyfriend. They got angry about that and told me that if I moved in with him and took %26quot;their%26quot; car they would report it stolen and have me arrested. Being the car isn't in my name I just left it. Well I need the money back and they won't give it to me. I told them all I wanted was the $750.00 and I would forget about everything else I put into it. Unless they made me take them to court for it and then I would push for more( all the tires and everything I put into it when I was under the impression it was %26quot;my%26quot; car) So my mom told me take her to court, I would lose because she's my mom and its O.K for her to keep my money. I am 20years old. I am capable of having money I worked for.

So I am taking her to court and I was wondering what are my chances of winning?? I have all the receipts and everything.

And if your wondering how my mom got my $750.00 that I gave to my cousin to fix the car, my cousin gave it to my mother because my mother asked her to.

I am sorry this is so long. I am just nervous about taking her to court and losing. Thanks in advance to all the answers.Small claims. How good are my chances of winning?They are probably not good if you have no attorney and they have an 'old friend' on retainer.

If niether you or they can contract one, maybe even odds, but I would not bet my life on it.

You'd stand a better chance in Judge Judy's venue...

Bottom Line: Do NOT try to do this alone.

2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?

My 2003 Trailblazer I just bought has 78,000 miles on it. I'm not 100% sure of the maintenance that the previous owner did, I know it was taken care of but I figured it might be good to change the fuel filter and change the plugs. I have changed the air filter and done an oil change so that is set. I know the fuel filter should be easy enough, I am just trying to figure out how difficult the plugs are to change, I have had some vehicles that it is easier to just pay to have it done. I am not a master mechanic but I have worked on cars from time to time so I am just wondering how much work is involved and how long it will take. Any suggestions from past experience would be great. I was also wondering what else you might suggest doing to to it. I am just trying to get it taken care of to prevent problems down the road.

Thanks in advance2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?first of all, get that liftgate looked at.

the spark plugs on this vehicle are iridium tipped plugs and don't normally require replacement for 100,000 miles. i've done several tuneups on vehicles with 120,000 original miles on the plugs and they still look great! don't change the plugs unless you have to. the throttle body has to come off and the intake resonator. you have individual coil packs for each plug so there aren't any wires, and the coil packs don't require maintenance. your fuel system should be okay, but you can change the filter yourself. its in front of the fuel tank on the drivers side. you'll need a phillips #2 bit for the filter retainer. they use quick disconnect fittings on those so you won't need wrenches. also, have a professional technician look over your vehicle real good and have the dealership check for open recalls. the trailblazer had tons of recalls from general motors and they won't cost you a dime to do those recalls. that's all i can think of off the top of my head.

the exhaust camshaft phaser solenoid leaks oil past the solenoid and saturates the connector and wiring. it's gonna set a check engine lamp. i've done lots of those on the 4.2 inline 6. and some secondary air reaction check valves, they rust shut and set a check engine light.

let me know if you have any additional questions.2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?plugs wires, fuel filter air filter (spend the money and get a k%26amp;n) oil change also run seafoam in the tank2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?I'd bet the transmission maintenance has been ignored, most owners let it. It's just dump %26amp; wipe the pan and put in a new filter.Pull out 2 of the sparkplugs to see if they need replacement. Check %26amp; refill the rearend's gear lube. Get a 'Haynes' manual to familerize yerself with the car's requirements. =^ )2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?Depends on the engine size. Chevy isnt too bad though2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?The maintenance schedule should be in the manual, but the spark plug interval is usually 100K, the truck probably has double Platinum or iridium plugs. If I am not mistaken, the trailblazer is coil on plug, I don't think it has ignition wires.2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?Plugs are good for 100K. Flush the Transmission, Rear Diff. and front Diff. and get ready for bad news I have seen many a bad bearing in the front differential of the trail blazer. Pinion seals leak also. Use

Synthetic 80-90w lube. in the diffs. do not forget the transfer case also.2003 Trailblazer tune-up advice?i would defiantly check the gearboxes you will need a #10 allen socket to check the t-case- make sure the fluids are clean the t-case should either be a blue green color or pink like the trans depending on the model- the transmission should be light pink if its dark get a heavy duty service- you need a ph strip to check the brake fluid but if it appears dark get that swapped out too- power steering should be light amber colored if its dark change it- im not so sure the 03 is going to have a fuel filter- it might. Spark plugs aren't bad you need to remove the upper plenum- once that's off its just a matter of taking the coils off and taking the plugs out the far 2 will be a bit tough but nothing special be extremely careful not to over-tighten the new plugs- cylinder heads suck on these! Also you should get a fuel injection cleaning done or use a good fuel additive every oil change- oh and coolant should be orange in color and should protect up to -40 if not get it flushed let me know if you have any questions.

Problem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. I was driving down the interstate today and it just quit, I pulled over and blue smoke came out of the hood. I try to start it back up and it will start to crank but will not start. I just got the oil changed about 3 weeks ago, with an oil filter, and air filter change. A few days after the oil change it did start to knock a little bit. My ex-husband took out the thermostat some time ago if that matters. I am a single mother of 3 and cannot afford much, I've had it towed to my home, but any insight of what the problem could be so I can get an idea of how much its gonna cost would be great! Thank you so much!Problem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?I'm sorry to say but it does sound like either a lose oil plug or oil filter has caused major failure. The only other thing it may be, possible leak from thermostat housing, If it got hot from lack of water then it MAY be fine. Good luck, So Sorry !Problem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?that's why ford stands for Found On Road: Dead

blue? maybe the alternatorProblem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?an 1998 ford will probably cost you around 5,000 to 7,000 thousand $Problem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?Wow it could be many things. Fuel pump comes to mind. You need to have it tested too bad you did not have it towed to a shop that could test it. Ask your friends if they know an expert that they really really trust that could test and find out what the problem is.

I bet it is the fuel pump, however do not pay to have anything replaced as far as parts go until the test really shows what part is really bad. They will replace all kinds of parts without a test that cost all kinds of money. They will tell you that it helped and that the parts were almost shot anyhow. $1,200.00 later they will replace the $60.00 part that caused the problem!

Best of luck!

PeterProblem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?the thermostat has nothing to do with. I am willing to guess that after the oil change you had a leak and now you have no oil in the drain pan. Have you checked the oil since the oil change? If it was low did you return to the garage that did it. The blue smoke is because you have either threw a rod or burnt a valve. Good luck and I hope this helps.Problem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?started to knock after oil change? I would assume not enough oil and you spun a bearing or some other interior engine part. if you can determine that the engine failed due to lack of oil you have legal recourse against the shop.Problem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?Too many possibilities to diagnose, but check the oil, you never know if the mechanic left the oil plug loose.

Why did I get a thumbs down?Problem with my Ford...Please HELP with any ideas!?i hate to say it but i got my money on a blown motor due to lack of oil/no oil. check the oil level and then check the oil filter and plug to see if they are on and tight.
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  • How much...................?

    do fuel filters cost? Or I should say how much would it cost to have one put in? And if my filter is clogged can I f up my car by driving it?Sorry this is like my 5th time asking a car quesiton but I just don't know much and don't want to get ripped off. Also I know how to change an air filter is a fuel filter something I could do or does it envolve going into the gas tank?How much...................?Please add make model and engine size next time. Some fuel filters are in the gas tank and can cost $200 to replace. Most are easier to do, probably cost you $25 to $50 to change and the filter, about $15. I suppose the filter could wreck the pump but by that time the filter would be too clogged to pull the car out of the driveway.How much...................?filter itself

    15 bucks

    with labor

    maybe 40?

    and yes you can, it hurts the fuel pump

    i would say its a littler harder

    have to relieve pressure in the fuel lines


    How much more b.h.p. will I get ?

    By changing my air filter to an induction kit and puting a cat bypass on my mg zr 160 how much more b.h.p. will I get, I know were not talking about massive power gains I would be happy with between 10 and 15 but waybe thats even optimistic..By the way the only other none standerd part is a magnex back box ,thanks .How much more b.h.p. will I get ?You will gain very little there, your just tinkering on the edges, it will sound better and you may see a slightly better return on MPG but that's about it.

    If you must do it then keep hold of your cat and re-fit about a week before your test comes up. How much more b.h.p. will I get ?You will see more of an hp gain with the cat bypass. The induction kit will help but may not really be noticed until way up in the higher rpms. As far as a horsepower gain goes from these mods alone I would think that it would be in the 7-10 hp range. Again most of the seat of the pants hp gain will come from the bypass of the cat. How much more b.h.p. will I get ?It's academic as your car will probably fail the emissions test at MOT.

    If I wanted to increase the power output of my MG I would contact a tuning firm, such as Janspeed, and enquire about an exchange cylinder head or even just a performance camshaft. They will have BHP figures to quote. You are just dabbling. Your induction and exhaust mods will make the car sound nice. But noise is not synonymous with power. Whatever you do don't forget to tell your insurers as you will be paying premiums for nothing when it comes to a claim refused.How much more b.h.p. will I get ?in real terms about 7 bhp, removal of the cat will give most of it, the induction kits just make a din.

    it will sound quick even if it doesnt go any faster!How much more b.h.p. will I get ?I believe that is illegal. I would be looking at having the head skimmed down to in crease the compression ratio.How much more b.h.p. will I get ?6 to 7 hp from the cat bypass, induction kit will be evident way up in the rpmsHow much more b.h.p. will I get ?bypassing the CAT is illegal. bhp gain will be about 10 hp.How much more b.h.p. will I get ?You should get about an extra 9.

    What is wrong with my car?

    I just purchased a used car. It ran fine but now the check engine light is on and it wont start. I changed the air filter and aired up the tires, but this didn't help. I am wondering if anyone knows what it might be and how much including tax to get it fixed if I do it myself? Thanks.What is wrong with my car?The air filter and the air pressure in the tires would not be the problem. When you said it wouldn't start, will it at least turn over, and crank? If not, then you may have an electrical drain on the battery, or a battery with a dead cell, or even a bad alternator.

    You will need to have the error codes read, if the engine turns over but won't start.

    good luckWhat is wrong with my car?a car that's completely dead like that is usually not that hard to fix, because whatever's wrong will be obvious. one that just runs funny sometimes when it rains, is hard to fix. typically, when it's dead like that, something electrical is dead. but nowadays the fuel injection is all electrical, too.

    how much it costs, that depends on which part is broken, though. could be anything, fuel pump, distributor, etc. if you're really lucky, it's just a fuse or something.What is wrong with my car?The check engine light usually means that the EGR valve is clogged.

    But this condition alone does not mean that the engine wont start.

    You don't give us much information. There is a universe of conditions that can cause an engine not to start.

    Two thing to do:

    a) Disconnect the battery for 15 minutes. This will clear the computer. Maybe you are lucky and the engine will start after this

    b) Ask a pro to scan the computer. Get a reportWhat is wrong with my car?ok, now we have just enough information to tell you that something is wrong with your car.

    Did you drain all the old air out of the tires before adding more?

    The check engine light being on while the engine's not running means nothing.What is wrong with my car?i see a whole lot of hooey, pull coded and find out why the light came on, do the repairs and go from there. more than likely the problems are related.What is wrong with my car?try to check these things: battery%26amp; connections, starter, ignition, soelenoid switch, fuses. if you give more info i can help narrow things down.What is wrong with my car?Since airing up the tires didn't work, it souds like the Left Handed Throset valve needs adjusting.What is wrong with my car?u may need some coolant. It cools ur car down. I know we need here in slots vegas. ahaha. You can always goto autozone.What is wrong with my car?the first thing i would do is check the computer and find out whats making the light come on.What is wrong with my car?the driver and the 599 super leggha 5 vaulve switchto the donta part of the ladder